Tokyo Bloodbath Edition “Tug O' War” for #BlackDrove

PRESS: "Zectron, Obsessed Panda and Unbox Industries have teamed up again! This time creating a hand painted micro-run of the Tug O' War vinyl figure for the upcoming toy event Black Drove. This run of 5 figures is based off the classic tokyo colorway which is a mix of yellow, green, black and red. Rather then sticking to traditional sprays we decided to turn the micro-run into a total bloodbath using different shades of red to show the splattered, dripping aftermath of pure carnage. Executed beautifully by Obsessed Panda we are very proud of the end result.

Exclusive to the toy event in Brooklyn, NY on august 27 these are priced at US$65 bucks each. The Black Drove event will have free food and live music along with amazing vinyl and resin toys from over 40 different artists. If any are left over after the one night event they will be sold online shortly after."

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