Tuttz World Micros from Argonaut Resins Coming Soon!

Eric Nocella Diaz from Argonaut Resins gives us a headsup on a two new upcoming releases, that will be 3D printed directly off his 3D printer in limited colors and not cast and molded like he usually does! END shares;
"Up first I have the Tuttz mini cat shrunk down to 2 inches and it's CG modeled by the the amazing Steve Talkowski. Along with the new Tuttz micro there will be a micro 2.75 inch Pharaoh Hound CG modeled by me in scale to match the Tuttz."
Expect a limited pre-release soon and as well there will be an exclusive color way for the New York Comic Con in October.

Stay connected via Instagram @argonautresins and for further updates!

Looking awesome, buddy!

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