TWILIGHT Pop!Vinyls from Funko Releasing September 2016

The sparkly vampiric phenomenon is making its way to toy-shelves soon, and it’s a long time coming (the last film being in 2012) = TWILIGHT Pop!Vinyls from Funko! Coming in September 2016, perhaps this os a chance for folks to relive their fandom with them black-(and red)-beady-eyed vampires? Hey, I’m not knocking the saga, as I own the entire 5 x films, okay? LOL
FUNKO PRESS: "Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Jane continue their epic saga with a variety of figures: Edward, the lovestruck vampire, is available in his fetching gray pea coat, in his vampiric form (only at Barnes & Noble), in his wedding tuxedo, and glittery (only at Hot Topic).

Bella is available in her vampire form or lovely wedding dress. Jane comes in two versions of her Volturi garb: with her hood (only at New York City Comicon), and without her hood. The werewolf Jacob Black sports his classic shirt-free torso."
(Individual images HERE on #popcornX)

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