#WhoAreTheGuardians? Character Profiles for “Zaschitniki” on PopcornX


I have been doing a series of Profile Features on the Russian super-powered Team who form “THE GUARDIANS” AKA “The Protectors” AKAA “Zaschitniki”, on my PopcornX Blog - including a look at their initial concept art and character designs (via - with a couple more to come in the following days.

I have become increasing intrigued by these superheroes, whom I suspect because they are “non-American” in celluloid-geography, and having enjoyed “Captain America: Civil War” again last night, am further intrigued by International super-powered folks … far be it I am a “Bruce Wayne” looking for meta-humans to form a “Justice League” though LOL

I am also wondering if these’ll be ever made “action figures” too … Anyone has any in-roads to any 1/6th scaled kitbashes or customs - to hit me up stat at *toysreviler [at]* - I would LOVE to feature them!


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