Custom-Release: 3 Travelers (life,present & death) by ink visuals

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Released just on are a trio of customs from San Francisco-based artist Rob Ramirez AKA ink_visuals. The “3 TRAVELLERS” will be priced at US$300 per, with each piece including original water-colour painting and a pin. Run size is 1 of each “Life”, “Present” and “Past” on Rebel Ink figures.

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"I'd like you to meet "the 3 travelers(life,present and death)". they are protectors where ever u go in life, they will help find your way if you let them, guardians if you will.

each one is hand painted, laced with gold leather and 100% Swarovski Crystals. also I've always wanted to get my hands on these guys so they were big to me they have to come with big stuff. each one will come with a original watercolor painting of what they represent and one of my custom pins."

A photo posted by Rob Ramirez (@ink_visuals) on

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