INSTINCTOY & Full Item Prices for #STGCC2016

STGCC前日搬入終了です。いよいよ明日! #STGCC #instinctoy #インスティンクトイ #シンガポール

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INSTINCTOYS has sorted itself out for the launch of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con tomorrow at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, and with that as well a line-up of collectibles to sale (featured #onTOYSREVIL) along with organised prices! Scroll down for URL links and a very handy list for folks planning their weekend expenditure at STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016)!


- KING KORPSE 1st color “Fearful Fantasy” & “True Terror” - Priced at SGD$600 apiece (45,000 JPY) *via Lottery
- KING KORPSE 1st color “Mix Color” - Priced at SGD$385 (28,000 JPY) *via Lottery
- GYAWO 3rd color “CRAZY” will be priced at SGD$150 (11,000円).
- GYAWO 2nd color “ZOMBIE” will be priced at SGD$150 per (11,000円).
- Muckey 13th color “ZOMBIE” will be priced at SGD$130 (9,500円).
- HALLOWEEN inc 2016 "THE CUSTOM” will be priced at SGD$130 (9,500円).
- Vincent 10th color “Aurora Glitter” will be priced at SGD$400 (29,000円).
- Vincent vs. LIQUID 9th color “Pastel Pearl Rainbow” will be priced at SGD$350 per (25,000円).
- inc 22rd "THE DEVIL(RED G.I.D)” will be priced at SGD$130 per (9,000円).
- mini Muckey 6th color "Fantasmic Rainbow & 7th color "Crayon Rainbow" is priced at SGD$90 (6,500円).
- Vincent D.I.Y “Clear(MADE IN JAPAN)” will be priced t SGD$185 (13,500円).

baaby inc 1
baby inc 2

(Above) Baby inc 11th "Clear(MADE IN JAPAN)" is priced at SGD$90 (6,500円) - excluding the mini LIQUID & mini ice liquid inside!

- BAT LIQUID 6th"Castle Gold" & 7th"Haunted Silver" @ SGD$55(set:SGD$100)/ 各3,800円(set:7,000円)
- LIQUID + STAGE "VOLCANO" & "ICEBERG" & "Phantom" @ SGD$35 (各2,500円/)
- mini ice liquid series1(全8種)@ <JPY:各500円(SPのみ600円)/SGD:各7(SPのみ8)>
- mini LIQUID series1(全8種)@ <JPY:各500円(SPのみ600円)/SGD:各7(SPのみ8)>
- mini LIQUID series2 "BLACK & black"(クローズタイプ)@ <JPY:各500円/SGD:各7><先着販売>


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