#toyhunt: Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall in Batam


Out of Singapore for the past two days for a quick getaway, specifically to the neighbouring Batam, for which I was intrigued about the “toys” situation … having last visited in 2013, the scene was non-existent except for your basic supermarket blister carded toys and pop culture character plush.

I was particularly interested in the “bootleg” situation, truth be told - to which I found faux Hot Toys Cosbaby Sets from BvS actually! (In MegaMall, opposite of Batam Ferry Center) … but alas I was not fast enough to snap a pic … nevertheless, there was a couple of shops to be found at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall (no I do not have their contacts), with one shop basically a male fashion/apparel shop (which also showcased toys, on the 3rd floor), and a delish looking store (on level 2), for which by the time I found it, they had closed!

So alas tis just window displays to be shown here - which was an interesting line-up of bootleg and possibly legit figures? For me it’ll just be easier for me to assume they are ALL bootlegs hahahaha

That’s right - I did not even purchase a single toy or collectible! Looks like my addiction to plastic-crack might have started to be “cured”, perhaps? … Although I very nearly bought a Jiangshi Nanoblock figure … Heh.

Seen on display at a fashion shop in #nagoyahillmallbatam #nagoyahillsmall in Batam #noididntbuyanything

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Seen at Nagoya Hills Mall (but all too expensive lah hahaha) #batamlife #hengfam #henglife #hengbatamlife

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The shop in Nagoya Hills Mall I never did step into…

Now, I was interested in these obviously larger scaled Ben10 bootlegs lol

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