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Portrait of a “Serial Sashimi Slasher”? Or a splendid vinyl toy to hit our scene? I’m down for the latter, but I’ll let you decide for yourselves, with some images and video clips I’d like to share with you folks here today :)

A little background first: “MAGURO Sendai” is the name of this all-vinyl figure, produced by 豆もやし社長 - Mame Moyashi - a name perhaps new to the scene, but the experience behind the brand, is formidable. Featuring design by Chino Lam, modeling by Sean Job, and produced by Clinton Kenny, “Maguro” tis the first collectible release thus, with an exclusive limited edition of Maguro waiting on the wings for STGCC and the coming Taipei Toy Festival. Subsequent release includes MASTER THE GIANT CLAWS.

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#MaguroSenpai currently available in Singapore via #OzzoCollection (walk-in purchase only) #toylife

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My Maguro was purchase from Ozzo Collection in China Square Central (walk-in purchases only), and you can check out which official retailer is near you via this handy list.

Maguro Sendai has a standard SRP of 4,800 yen printed on the header-card of this bagged figure. The shelf-price at Ozzo was SGD$80 per.

The figure comes with an additional sealed bag accessory - his hand wield blade, which fits pretty decently in my piece. Seen in the image up top, the details for such a small piece is spot on, including the wood-grain effect on the handle unseen here).

Folks considering getting the Ozzo Collection-exclusive edition are to note that the blade is die cast in that edition!

The figure itself possesses 5 points of articulation - neck, torso, both arms and it’s fin - which though limited. provides it with enough character for posting and photo-taking, methinks!

Kudos for both the sculpting work and the production, the sashimi-slabs seen on the belly - being the key feature for this figure, IMHO - looks amazing with it’s fresh color tone and texture, while the fade in the figure itself justifies the higher price point for a figure such as this, IMO.

The paint application is immaculate for this production piece I have in my hand, from the painted details on the relief fin, to the clogs Maduro wear. All around awesome slice of toy-ness, and a refreshing addition to the scene, bar none!

#MaguroSenpai currently available in Singapore via #OzzoCollection (walk-in purchase only) #toylife

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#MaguroSenpai currently available in Singapore via #OzzoCollection (walk-in purchase only) #toylife

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"Before" and "After" ... What if? #magurosenpai #toylife

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[ MORE images can be seen HERE on Facebook ]

Anyone who loves sashimi and collectible toys would enjoy the irony of the concept and be charmed by the design. I’ve wanted to own one since seeing it first on myplasticheart’s Instagram stream actually, and am utterly elated I could score one in my hometown! And I find myself excruciatingly happy with my piece too! Here’s hoping you would enjoy yours too :)

And with the “Regular” edition available, here is as well a look at the Ozzo-exlusive Kinmedai MAGURO senpai edition that will debut at this weekend’s Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) - specifically via Booth AA51 in Artist Alley.

Seen on display now at Ozzo Collection in CSC, the colorway depicted leaves me salivating for sashimi (Singapore LOVES sashimi), with a healthy pink salmon visual taste, and a golden ring around the eyeballs (Standard edition is straight black pupil on white), and of course the aforementioned die cast blade.

Limited to only 100pcs, each priced at SGD$90, I really don’t expect this edition to stay on the shelves for too long, I suspect.

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