Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con #STGCC2016

STGCC2016 Floorplan

The 2016 Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con launches Saturday September 10th at 10am, and closes at 8pm on Sunday September 11th, 2016 (10AM-8PM daily) - at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, LEVEL B2, HALLS E & F, Singapore.

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Entry is ticketed, priced at SGD$19 per day, or SGD$28 for two days. Online Purchases has since ceased, but you can purchase tix on-site at the convention itself.

Feel free to CLICK HERE to view all features on the TOYSREVIL, to help your purchasing decisions over the weekend, at the annual geekiest that fuels this blog. Bring tons of CASH, and a ready smile! :)

I will pound the aisles this year trying to resist spending money and as well meet friends both old and new, and will be assisted by my Roving Photographer @therodennis! Stay tuned to my Instagram @toysrevil for snaps and smiles!

With TOYSREVIL Roving Reporter @therodennis - prepping for tomorrow's #STGCC2016!

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Featured here are the Floorpans, Walk of Fame schedules and Main Stage schedules for your planning endeavours, to catch your fav invited artists on stage or autographing for you. And as well a few snapshots of booths being setup and ready for your purview, tomorrow morning!

To friends and folks boothing = Have a prosperous weekend!
To friends and folks attending = Have a bountiful weekend!

Monday is a Public Holiday in Singapore - so time to party on Sunday - and HAPPY HARI RAYA HAJI Wishes to everyone in advance!

WALK OF FAME Schedule:
walk of Fame STGCC2016
STGCC2016 Main Stage

Booth setup done!! See u tmr at STGCC!! Our booth is AA36, next to the guys over at @yamakichiya !!

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(Blackbook Toy #onTOYSREVIL / Booth AA36)


(Rex Regrets #onTOYSREVIL / Booth AA86)

我隐藏在stgcc AA87.#stgcc2016 #stgcc #cacooca

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Ready #shonside #catrider #stgcc2016

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Everything is ready! We are waiting for you!! #山吉屋 #yamakichiya #sofubi #ソフビ #sofvi #sofvitokyo #stgcc #stgcc2016

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我隐藏在stgcc AA87.#stgcc2016 #stgcc #cacooca

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Soon(*ˊᵕˋ*)੭ ੈ #stgcc2016 #sofubi #kaiju #t9g #shokonakazawa #sofvi

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#sofvi #kaiju #sofubi #stgcc2016 #t9g #shokonakazawa

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Come on! Booth no.GU1 at STGCC #stickymonsterlab #STGCC

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