The Coming of 1:1 scaled GUSTAV by Brandt Peters x VTSS Toys

Here’s a peek at “GUSTAV” from Brandt Peters x VTSS Toys, with this unpainted beast sized at whopping approx 27" tall (1:1 scale)! Brandt also mentioned that there will small exclusive editions (unconfirmed what materials they will be tho… although I’d imagine the large sized ones to be in fibreglass?) and that Kathie Olives ALSO has a mega piece as well!

VTSS mentioned the “blank” shown here is for Brandt to paint, and wonder if this’ll be the “master”? Or a one-off-painted custom? EXCITED either way!

Fans better start setting raised both space to display, and cashmonies to snag these critters! Stay connected on IG @brandtpeters and @circusposterus, and of course @vtsstoys :)

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