#Titanfall2 Pop & Buddy Vinyls from Funko & Cinematic Trailer for Video Game

Titanfall2 Pop

It was only a matter of time where Funko would pair up their Pop!Vinyls with their more diminutive keychain-sized “Buddy” figures, and what a perfect fit does the adaptation of the “Titanfall” video game would make! This announcement comes in anticipation of Titanfall 2's brand new Single Player campaign dropping on October 28th (Scroll down to view the Cinematic Trailer for the game!), methinks!

Tenacious Toys has them to order for US$25.00, except the GameStop exclusive, ‘natch :)
FUNKO PRESS: "Get ready, gamers, Titanfall 2 is coming to Pop! With this set, each Pop! figure comes with a 2” Titan buddy! Choose from Jack Cooper and BT, Sarah and MOB, or Commander Blisk and Legion! Collect them all and join The Militia to take down the IMC! Coming in December!"

In addition there is also the Atlas and Pilot Pop! exclusively featured in the GameStop box coming in October (Pre-orderable on

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