TOYSREVIL Does Not Regret #RexRegrets! Available at #STGCC2016

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Debuting at the coming weekend’s Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), is Jerry Teo’s “REX REGRETS”! And while I’ve announced this previously, today I’ll share a few page snaps and info on how you can get your hands on a copy (or three teehee).


Featuring the (mis)adventures of a T-Rex named REX, who regrets near everything he chooses to do, but always with a “never say die” attitude!

Collected in a 100-pager hardcover book, priced at SGD$20 per (US$15). Shown here are just a scant few page snaps (page-flip video here), and you are recommended to go grab the real deal this weekend at his Booth AA86 in Artist Alley!

Folks beyond Singapore’s shores might have to wait a little bit longer before accessibility is confirmed and announced tho … stayed tuned to TOYSREVIL for updates!

Sure, you could partaketh of the images seen on Rex/Jerry’s Tumblr or Facebook (just think of them as a “teaser” or taste off Rex to be had), or you could straightup go bug Jerry for an autograph and doodle, and score some REX REGRETS merchandize, and support local artists :)


Thanks buddy! And congrats on the publication!

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