Update for Mark Nagata Custom-Painted Dragon Boy & Dragon Pups

Dragon Boy Nagata Custom Available For Sale

Remember when I first reported about the 3 x pairs of “Dragon Boy” + “Blackie the Dragon Pup” custom-painted figures by Max Toy Co’s Mark Nagata for Martin Hsu x PowerCore booth B20 at the coming weekend’s Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016)…?

I have some “bad news” for you … 2 sets out of the three has since been SOLD at Martin’s weekend Open Studio session! *le-GASP*

Folks interested are to get in touch with Martin quick (*“martinhsuart(at)”*) for art info and availability, with STGCC pick-up doable! You’ve got to make it quick though,m as Martin is set to travel soon for Japan, and head straight to Singapore!

Shown up you is the set currently available (as of this post, anyways) - with image taken by Travis Otani, while the ones shown below has since been spoken for … not “rubbing it in”, but just a gentle reminder of what you missed out on … :)

Dragon Boy Nagata Custom 3

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