“World Debut” of BRICK BABY by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx at Tenacious Toys Booth 309 @ #NYCC2016

Making it’s World Debut at Tenacious Toys Booth #309 at the coming New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) is BRICK BABY by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx! The SRP is US$120.00 per, with more pieces available somewhen after the show in a wider release. But folks heading to NYCC would be able to snag these first!
"Brick Babies will be allocated during NYCC: 10 available Thursday, 10 available Friday, the remaining available Saturday at Jason's signing. One Brick Baby per custom/ 40 Brick Babies available in total at NYCC."
And while we await the final image reveal, here’s a peek at the “Lego© Fetus” custom from Jason completed circa 2012 (full images here on Facebook).

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