1000Tentacles Studio (Booth A84) @ Taipei Toy Festival #TTF2016

Taipei Toy Festival set up day. #1000tentacles #1000tentaclestoy #ttf2016 #designertoy #toys #arttoys

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1000 Tentacles Studio is at Booth A84 in Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10), where their various sculptural collectibles will be available, AND introducing 1000Tentacles's Poster Set!

Limited to 40 sets (1 set = 8 pcs), it is a chance to own a 1000Tentacles’ art which I personally would love (truthfully with having the sculpts out of my means :p). Coming in autographed by Wankok Leong himself, but alas has since been Sold Out!

As well he has been sketching “live” at his booth A84, with accompanying canvases to his collectibles! (They will be “free gifts” to their supporters, post-TTF). Here are some snaps to share, and as well you folks should hit them up, and tell them “TOYSREVIL SENT YOU”!

Stay connected via their Facebook Page and Instagram @1000tentacles :)

1000Tentacles TTF2016 2
1000Tentacles TTF2016 3
1000Tentacles TTF2016 4
1000Tentacles TTF2016 5

1000Tentacles TTF2016 6
1000Tentacles TTF2016 7
1000Tentacles TTF2016 8

(Additional pics via playtoysforever)

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