1/12th scaled SUICIDE SQUAD from Comicave Studios @ CICF 2016


Comicave Studios exhibited at the China International Comic Festival 2016 just, where they featured their latest new line "True Material”, with the SUICIDE SQUAD as their debut series!

The 1/12 Scale DC Comics Suicide Squad members showcased included THE JOKER, HARLEY QUINN, DEADSHOT, Joker’s Henchman #1 and Henchmen #2. Scaled-down height will approximately be ranging from 14 - 15.7cm. Click thru to #PopcornX and/or #DCEUFilms for more peeps at the figures on show!

TRUE MATERIAL: "Genuine textures and qualities take centre stage with Omni Class True Material, bringing life to characters, and figurines to reality. TRUE is used to denote realistic, lifelike. As in: true-to-life."
(Pics via ComicaveStudios)

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