Blackbook Toys’ Post-TTF One-Offs Lottery Sales (Entry by Oct 13)

BlackBook Toy is currently accepting lottery sales of leftover TTF2016 One-Off Customs - featuring SKUM-kun DICK&BITECH by Chop of Monster Farm (30000 Yen apiece), SKUM-kun Freaky Franken Bros 2 by Knuckle of Little Chop Design (36000 Yen apiece), and Skum-kun by Kenth Toy Works (30000 Yen apiece).

Entry deadline is extremely tight @ Oct 13th PM11:59 (Tokyo). Check out their blog-entry for full details!

As well, folks are to also get ready for online drops of their EVIL MC Supervillain (Previewed at STGCC2016) and SKUM-ku Supervillain 2nd.

SEEN @ TTF2016:

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