Brick Baby by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx In-Hand Pics!

IN-HAND snaps of BRICK BABY by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx (previously teased here), courtesy of Benny Kline at @tencioustoys, setting up Booth #309 at New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) - where the figure will make it’s debut!

Weighing in 2.3kg and stand 8-inches all, only 20pcs will be made available at NYCC, each priced at US$120. These 20 are just the initial release, more will be available online at a later date.

One per customer, with 4 available on Thursday, 4 on Friday, and the remaining available at time of the signing 11:30am-12.30pm Saturday, mentioned Jason Freeny. Meanwhile, here’s what Benny had to caption on the images;
"Welp..... the @gummifetus Brick Babies by @mightyjaxx are freaking amazing! $120 at Booth 309. Magnetic arms and head. Super heavy high quality feel. A+ piece Another shot of the Brick Baby from below so you can see super heavy base and metal support pole. Nice work @mightyjaxx"

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