CHUNK by Jim Dreams x Unbox Industries Debut at #TTF2016

"Chunk lives a comfortable life without stress besides the beach. All he knows to do is eat, drink and play. His objective in life is to push the limits of whatever he sets his mind to do, and in this case, that is to 'enjoy' his life to the fullest through drinking."

Chunk is the first vinyl figure from Jim Chan, a Hong Kong based Graphic Designer and illustrator. For this first release, BLUE has been used as the primary colour as it is a major theme in Jim's illustrations, and as well debuting at the coming Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10) is an all-Black Edition!

Produced by Unbox Industries, both editions of the 15cm tall CHUNK will be available at the Unbox TTF booth #A62 -with the Blue Edition priced at NT$1800, while the matt&glossy “Black” Edition can be had at NT$2200 (No quantities revealed thus far for either piece). Heck, you folks KNOW I'm always down for a chunky-brother-toy, and I would LOVE to have this dude starring back at me (or "snoozing" :p) in my humble collection! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

Check out more of Jim’s Dreams on his Facebook and Instagram @jimdreams!


(Cheers for the headsup, Winston!)

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