Generation One Optimus Prime and Megatron Transformers by ThreeA Toys @ #TFCON2016

ThreeA Toys at TFCon over the weekend saw the display debut of GENERATION ONE / G1 MEGATON!
cheduled for a 2017 debut,check out more snaps of the unpainted prototype on my Transformers-dedicated #trandformersrollout-blog, especially his weapons! As well on show was their G1 OPTIMUS PRIME (previously featured), and thanks to Josh Coldiron’s coverage (on his Instagram @noritoy), we also get to see the chest cavity opened up!

With ThreeA’s speciality in hyper-details and articulated mecha-makes, their Generation-Ones thus far looks pretty epic, with robot forms “true” to the eye, and whose cartoon folks of my generation grew up with! Kudos, 3A!

Megatron TFCON2016

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3a TFCON2016

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