KAWS COMPANION Open Edition / KAWS COMPANION (FLAYED) Open Edition by Medicom Toys

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Here’s an *update* on the KAWS COMPANIONS release (blogged earlier) coinciding with KAWS’ “Where The End Starts exhibition launch at The Modern, with the 11-inch tall figure priced at US$200 per (excluding shipping) - available online via and the Modern Shop at the museum itself …

Do note that as claimed, these pieces are “Open Edition” (meaning, there is no perceived limitation of quantity), so chillax and wait for one, or all six! … As for the BFF PLUSH? Well, THAT’S not an “open edition”, so you might want to snag that up first :p

Produced by Medicom Toy, there is also a scheduled launch on Saturday October 29th at MEDICOM TOY PLUS in Tokyo (Retail price each: 21,600 Yen), and a further online availability (??) in early-November? Details to be announced ‘later’, and meanwhile I’d recommend you get on your fav retailer(s) for a headsup.

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