Kaws Dissected Companion for 2016 Release?

UPDATED: KAWS Companions To Launch Oct 20th for #WhereTheEndStarts

Looks like maybe the BLACK BFF PLUSH might not be the only merch being offered at the upcoming KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Oct 20, 2016 - Jan 22, 2017), with this instagrammed pic (via @kaws) and the keywords found in the captions: #OpenEdition set to tease, tempt and titillate they toy-needs for a KAWS DISSECTED COMPANION?!

New Size? Re-release? WHERE? HOW MUCH? = Information which I will attempt to update whenever they are unleashed of course :)

the 14-inch tall KAWS DISSECTED COMPANION was first released circa 2006 by OriginalFake x Medicom Toy (OG Colorway / one of my toy-grails) and was unleashed as well in Grey/Mono and Black, and next reincarnated as 4ft tall behemoths in 2008 … time now for a “10th Anniversary” Edition Release, perhaps? :p

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