MORE Clutter Exclusives for #NYCC2016


Premiering at Clutter Magazine's NYCC Booth #603 is Scott Wilkowski & Luke Chueh's INFECTED DECAPITATED BEAR HEAD, with this bone and black colorway comes swimming in a pool of red blood! No specific quantities are revealed, but this’ll set you back US$100 apiece. Expect it to disappear off the shelves pretty quick tho LOL

Sapce Splatter

Standing at approximately 2.75" tall, these SPACE SPLATTER UAMOU are as black as the space horizon, sprinkled with green and white paint splatters. Each figure is one-of-a-kind, with varying eye colors and unique splatter star formations. Limited to 10 pieces and priced at just US$40 a piece.


Exclusive GID Purple CAVUS BLOOM STIBINES by artist Kyle Kirwan is exclusive to Clutter, and though the “runt” compared to the others, he adorably stands 5.5" tall, and is limited to an edition of 10 for US$30 a piece!


KIDLEW CUSTOM SPRAYCANS are limited edition Spraycans painted with unique graffiti designs, in a vast array of colors by artist Steve Lew! Priced at just $50 a piece, Kidlew’s Spraycans will be available at the Clutter Booth #603 and Lew will be making a signing appearance every day at 2pm.

Items not sold by the end of New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) will be made available online via!

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