Movie Trailer Premieres at New York Comic Con #NYCC2016 With Characters That Would Make Great 1/6 Figures!

Saban’s Power Rangers was not the only film trailer released at New York Comic-Con 2016, with thus far “notable” launches include UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS, JOHN WICK : CHAPTER 2 and RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER - featuring properties and concepts that I’d enjoy; Vampires, Hitmen and awesome Video Game adaptations! Hey, SDCC doesn’t get ALL the fun, yah? LOL

Embedded here are trailers for all three films (click on links to #PopcornX to read/see more), and as well ponder the adaptation of these characters to collectible figures, ala 1/6th-scaled by “non-licensed parties” (new-ish term for “bootleggers” now), and how awesome they would be! Well, “bootleg-awesome”, I mean … Heh.


Alice” in grimy wear and weathered weapons accessories galore!
John Wick” in wicked-lux in a two-button tactical suit, with weapons accessories galore!
Selene” with white hair highlights, wearing a snow-parka jacket with shoulder armor, and weapons accessories galore!

… and I only just realised actress/model Ruby Rose is starring in two of the movies featured here too! haha

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