The Gruesli Plush Book by Natalia Gianinazzi

Z├╝rich-based artist Natalia Gianinazzi sends word of her new published book that includes all the 1045 one-of-a-kind plush she had made thus far, as featured in the book.
DESCRIPTION: "There are 1045 Gruesli in the world. They live on all continents and in very caring homes. Natalia Gianinazzi started in 2003 to create every one of the stuffed animals by hand as a one-of-a-kind. Her aim was - and still is - to make something of lasting value in a world of fast paced consumerism. And the objects should be as charming and colorful as their respective owners."

DESCRIPTION CONTINUED: "Further more, her personal view on society can be detected in the collection of more then 1000 Gruesli, of course to be understood with a wink. Even Christie’s got interested in her objects and auctioned some of them off at a “Pop culture”-event as the first stuffed animals ever. Now the time has come to tell their stories in a brand-new publication: The «Gruesli» Book."
The «Gruesli» Book features a format of 7.5 X 10.5 X 5.5 cm and over 1400 pages, and is currently available in selected stores and online at


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