Wananekos & Dorobaniis from StickUp Monsters for #TTF2016

Javier Jimenez sends snaps and info of what toy-ness can be had at their Booth #A81 for the coming Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10) featuring exclusives and one-off customs, featuring Javier’s Wananekos, Baby Wananekos, Dorobaniis and Ghost Bat! Head on over, snag yourselves some awesome, and tell them "TOYSREVIL SENT YOU"! :)

STICKUP TTF2016 Baby Wananeko

- Goldie and Pastel Baby Wananeko (NT$800 per)

STICKUP TTF2016 Wananeko

- Wananeko and Baby Wananeko set #1 (White Manekineko colorway, limited to 10 sets)
- One-off Lost Wanderer Wananeko
- Wananeko and Baby Wananeko set #2 (Black manekineko colorway, limited to 5 sets)

STICKUP TTF2016 Dorobanii

- Mochi Mochi Dorobanii (limited to 7 pieces @ NT$1900 each)
- Little Reindeer Dorobanii (limited to 7 pieces @ NT$1600 each)
— Melting Candy Dorobanii (limited to 7 pieces @ NT$1800 each)
- Crystal clear Dorobanii (NT$1600 each)

STICKUP TTF2016 GhostBat

- Ghost Bat (bloody mess colorway, limited to 3 pieces)

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