Custom Dunnys & Mechtorian Pins by Doktor A for #DesignerCon (Booth #114)

Doctor A at will be offering up Custom-Dunnys and Mechtorian Pins at his Booth #114 at this weekend’s Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016). Folks are to stay connected to his Instagram @doktor_a for any further updates on any new steampunked-goodness!

"For the first time at Designer Con I will have a small selection of customised Dunnys available. Each one is a unique Mechtorian character, finished to the same standard as any of my gallery show pieces. US$180 each. One per customer. First come first served."

There will be four new Mechtorians pins launched - featuring “Stephan Lepodd” version 2 - each priced at US$10 per. Also keep a lookout for another pin from Doctor A, this time as part of the “DesignerCon Pin Scavenger Hunt”! More on that in another post :p

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