“MACHINA” by SHENZO (#pageflip)

“MACHINA” tells a story in a post apocalyptic world where a robot would become a Buddha.

Featuring story and art by Singapore-based illustrator SHENZO (he designed Real Hero Firefighters for Masterpiece Collectibles!), “Machina” was previously serialised online via, and is now bound and available as a published digest, with both the English and Chinese versions purchasable here on Monster Comics Studio’s online store!

Price is SG$18.50 (free delivery in Singapore) for a 208 page softcover publication - featuring both black-n-white illustrations, with select color “chapter covers”.

I’ve a little page-flip video clip to give you folks an idea of the issue I purchased (delivered hassle-free within the week of purchase too!), while I pour thru it in time … Get going to support your local comicbook publications, folks!

"I grew alot from the experience of its creation, both as a craftsman & a person; not the greatest work out there, but definitely one I've done with sincerity :)" - shared Shenzo (on his FB)

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