Mechatro WeGo Custom Show at #DesignerCon 2016

PowerCore, in cooperation with 1000toys and DesignerCon, presents the Mechatro WeGo Custom Show at Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016). The show will be on display in the Exhibit Hall Lobby (Booth #1404). And at the Mechatro WeGo Gift Shop (Booth #1414) you will be able to pick up a Mechatro WeGo collectible, or grab an exclusive Mechatro WeGo enamel art pin.

Originally created by special effects artist Kazumi Kobayashi (Moderythm), Mechatro WeGo has been since produced in two different scales by 1000toys, and has been showcased at toy events all over the globe for the past year.

For the custom show, a select group of international artists were asked to work on the DIY Edition of the 1/12 scale Mechatro WeGo. Also on display will be 20 pieces of 1/35 WeGo customized by Japanese artists from the recent "Minna No Mechatro WeGo" event held at Wonder Festival in Japan.

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(Above: “MaxtroWeGo” custom by @kenth_toy_works)

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(Cheers for the headsup, Don!)

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