1/6 MS SHADOW SLICKERICE by 3A Toys for Dec 31st-Drop

ThreeA Toys is not letting 2016 go away without putting up a toy-fight! Releasing on the last day of the year on December 31st - exclusively at, is the 1/6th-scaled MS SHADOW SLICKERICE (under their Adventure Kartel banner), with these remade figures each priced at US$140 (which I assume priced to include worldwide shipping???).

As per normal M.O., no quantities are listed, but I’d advise folks interested to go for a grab, or else the order-window might close whenever stock is finished, with no advanced warnings! You know the drill … :p

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

FYI: A MRS SHADOW was first seen at the 2012 Re-Venture, while a MS SHADOW (seen above) was subsequently offered with AKLUB (Adventure Kartel Klub) purchases (AKLUB NO SHIT ON THESE FLIPPERS SET and next three AKLUB sets).

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