CHRISTMAS BLAMING ONE Figure Release from Kosrobot

Christmas is coming and to celebrate the festive season, Konstantin Budkevich AKA Kosrobot has released a “season special figure”, the “BLAMING ONE: SANTA”!
"The figure features metallic red paint, cloth hat and removable felt beard. Just like previous Blaming One releases it is 6 inches tall, has 3 points of articulation, removable head, face and arms. Made of resin, hand casted, hand painted. Priced at $50 + $10 for worldwide shipping on

The Blaming One was the crew commander of Emerald Caste space station. Nothing really changed since then, except they're all dead now. He wanders the station in search of the one to celebrate with, the one to say to: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

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