MUHAN DOJEON X STICKY MONSTER LAB (#InfiniteChallenge Collectible Toys?)

South Korea’s design house STICKY MONSTER LAB will be releasing their next series of SML collectible figures - sometime “this week” - with MUHAN DOJEON X STICKY MONSTER LAB to be made available via MCB Brand Store!

5 x figures to be had (unknown if available individually or as a set), and with a little bit of googling and a heavy-heap of self-speculation - I’ll hazard to say that the characters are based off the guys from South Korean television entertainment program “Infinite Challenge” AKA “Muhan Dojeon”!? The show is under “MBC Entertainment” as well, so it’s a logical connection, no? :p

I’d recommend you folks to stay connected to Instagram @mbcbrandstore for release confirmation, and you can find out more about the program on wiki, and see if the characters match the hosts!

Jack Black talks about his episode on “Infinite Challenge” -
TV ads of which were on heavy rotation on local cable channel LOL

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