NEBULA CAMAZOTZ Micro Run by Obsessed Panda x Zectron x Unbox Industries - For Dec 13th Release

PRESS: ”The Nebula Camazotz micro run by Obsessed Panda is coming this Tuesday the 13th! Limited to only 4 pieces, Obsessed Panda has teamed with with Unbox Industries and Zectron yet again. This time putting his signature "nebula" paint work on the Camazotz vinyl figure designed and sculpted by Zectron based on the Classic Brandt Peters Skelve head design.

Standing at just over 10 inches tall each one has been expertly painted with a variety of colors to produce that outer space effect. Each one also comes with a package of authentic astronaut ice cream. Dropping at 9am PST on for US$150 plus shipping.”

Looking wickedly insane!!!!

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