The REDEEMER by Cool Rain

Coming soon from CoolRain is this trigonal depiction of the revered being; “Christ the Redeemer” seen at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - with “REDEEMER” (Tri2016) sized 12 inches tall (from it;s 30 metres tall incarnation), and come packaged in a wood case (270X340X90mm). Stay updated to his Instagram @coolrainlee for updates of when this hand-made beauty drops!

Indeed a powerful “symbol” to be had, as the year 2016 winds down to a close, may peace greet us at every corner and instance, IMHO.

CoolRain is certainly no stranger to the “polygon / lowpoly” aesthetic - which has been an emerging trend and threatening to invade 2017 - with earlier release include the following awesomeness!

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