Tokyo Jesus x Eimi Takano for Tomenosuke @ #TokyoComicCon 2016 (Dec 2-4)

Seen on display at TCC2016:

Artists Sayu AKA Tokyo Jesus and Eimi Takano will both be exhibiting at the inaugural Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4) via Tomenosuke booth - and bringing with them a host of awesomeness created via their own hands and paint-brush, including a crossover GAKI (figure by Tokyo Jesus and painted by Eimi)!

UPDATED: On display at Tokyo Comic Con Day 1:

The above softness of Eimi’s uber-adorable characters versus the intense macabre of Tokyo Jesus creations seen below, is a splendid juxtaposition in art, both immersed in their own realms of existence, both at the far end of each spectrum. and utterly gorgeous to look at, IMHO.

Stay connected to their Instagrams @tokyo_jesus and @eimitakano for updates!

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