ZIGGY - Shadow Edition by Brent Nolasco

"Ziggy makes his first trip back from Mars. After such a long time away from home, people said it was impossible to make the journey back alive. Well, Ziggy is back to prove them all wrong. Never underestimate the unexpected."
Brent Nolasco has two toy-releases to be announced today, which I am splitting into two posts, with THIS slice of news dedicated to ZIGGY!

With sculptural WIPs first featured in May 2016, Ziggy now debuts in his first colorway release called "Shadows”!

Ziggy is a two piece rotocast resin figure, sized 6 1/2”, and priced at US$80.00 apiece purchasable here - each figure is hand painted by Brent and all orders will be bagged with a header card for each order.

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

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