TOYSREVIL’s #DEBOX (19.1.2017 Edition)

In this week’s edition of TOYSREVIL’s #DEBOX, I go thru one of my boxes of “toy treasures”, and discover 1/6th-scaled loose parts, props and clothes, including a “surprise” figure I’ve since forgotten I owned!

And as well “showcase” the archaic storage solution known as “Plastic Bag World” - where each plastic bag’s contents might represent a purchase from a singular place, singular time, but remain in said plastic bag even after purchase - the contents forgotten as soon as they had been purchased!

Besides being the obvious “forgetful”, I reckon tis also another Singaporean-trait I am guilty of - at least when it comes/came to toy - “Buy It First, In Case You Need To Use It Later” AKA “Kiasu” (Meaning: “Scare to loose out” in Singlish). And thusly, a myriad of kit bashing projects lay unfinished, because I had not finished them with the parts that I have purchased thru the years!


The contents in this box are in-between 7 to over 10 years old (probably), while the box itself is at least 6 years old … My brother and sister had tirelessly worked to pack all my toys into boxes and stored into a room, whereby I could have free space to move around at home in my wheelchair, after my return home in end-2010, after staying and rehabilitating in hospital for my Stroke in late-2010.

Cheers, and have a fab toy-day!

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