“行Yao” Solo Art Show by Tiffany Yao @ Detention Barracks to launch Feb 10th

Launching February 10th @ Detention Barracks (@ 56B Joo Chiat Place S427780, Singapore 427780) is solo art show “行Yao” - featuring the art of Tiffany Yao (Facebook / Instagram @tiffanyyaoqi), who brings to life everyday imagery via her deft color pencil art!

I’ve a quick Q&A with the artist, where you could scroll down further for a read :)

The event opens at 7:30pm and lasts thru 11pm, where the artist will be in attendance. Note that subsequent private viewings after 10th Feb will be upon request.

EVENT PRESS: "Tiffany (a.k.a. Tiffy) specialises in illustration| design| art. Equipped with 20 years of traditional art training and practice, Tiffy has built a strong foundation in understanding rudimentary modes of creation and having an eye for details. Her professional experience as Senior Barbie Designer at Mattel has enabled her to push the boundaries of her artistic practice by exploring diverse lifestyles and experiences from adventure-filled travels. Tiffy mixes commercial values with artistic touches, intertwining the contemporary with the traditional; a meld of realism and surrealism.

Travelling have definitely helped enrich Tiffy's life, allowing her to appreciate it with a curious mind, observant eyes and a grateful heart. This is represented in her artworks, many of which use colour pencils. To Tiffy, the medium conveys the dedicate yet glorious nature of life.

Identifying with the Teochew culture - of a dialect community which can be found in all corners of the world - she continues to live in and travel to different cities. Born and raised in Swatow, worked in Hong Kong and now currently living in Singapore with her family, these 3 cities serve as important milestones in her life."
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TOYSREVIL: Is there a specific reason why your show is titled “行Yao”?
TIFFY YAO: "行" looks like a crossroad in Chinese ancient character, and the Cantonese pronunciation of "行Yao" sounds like "闲游” which means being chill and wandering around. These are exactly reflecting the theme of this show, a journey of traveling.
TOYSREVIL: What can folks expect to see at your solo show? Is this your first in Singapore?
TIFFY YAO: Yes this is my debut in Singapore. You will see my colored pencil drawings of scenes in Swatow, Hongkong, Singapore and some other countries I have been to.

ADDED: 6.2.2017

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In addition to the art we’ll be seeing on the walls of Detention Barracks for Tiffany Yao’s “行Yao” solo show, we’ll also be treated to a Postcard Set - featuring 5 x artworks to be had! Priced at only SG$14 per set, they will be made available from 10th Feb onwards.

ADDED: 8.2.2017

Detention Barracks has announced that they will contribute all donations collected from the 行Yao - Detention Barracks x Tiffany Yeoh coffee reception, as well as 10% of revenue from the sale of Tiffany's artworks to Children's Cancer Foundation!

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