Ladies, Tigers, Cubs & Alpaca Resins from Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura

Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura = both consistently prolific creators and producers of “art toy indie resin” - where they continue to create ORIGINAL WORKS and CHARACTERS (of course with some pop culture inspiration sprinkled in here and there :p), and SELF-PRODUCE them and offer them up for personal procurement, to collector’s delight, and possibly “breathlessness”? Try keeping up with their releases! LOL All good in da boyhood, I insist :)

Available now online via are (Above) “LAZY DAYS TIGER (Moonglow Version)” - in a limited edition of 10, each set/pair priced at US$290.00.

And if you own the 2013 Version of “Lazy Days Tiger”, here’s a lil’flashback with a “TIGER CUB NAP” - featuring a 6inches long “Girl”, with a Tiger Cub”! US$190.00 in a limited edition of 25.

Featured below, is a new version of their popular “Alpaca”, with this clear sparkly resin cutie named “ORANGESICLE” to be had for US$40 (Limited to 25pcs).

Orangesicle Alpaca is up in the shop! Link is up there☝️

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