MAZINGER Z with “Secret Base” Diorama Display @ #C32017

Seen at the C3 Anime & Manga Fair 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai, Hong Kong last Friday, was this MAZINGER Z Playset diorama - featuring a “Secret Base” diorama set-up (of the “Photon Power Laboratory” underground)! OMG *man-tears*

Below: The ""Photon Power Lab" base visual from the anime:

The animated playset/diorama/would-be-MazingerZ-shrine featured a mobile elevator base-platform, leading up to a swimming pool slid open to have the giant robot emerge on land - basically recreating the classic anime intro! (Check out video at bottom of this post).

No news if this entire dio/set-up is up for purchase tho … meanwhile, here are some videos of the piece “in-action”!

Cartoon Intro:

The exhibit was part of the TAMASHII NATIONS 10th Anniversary WORLD TOUR in HONG KONG - yeah, THAT display booth with a giant Mazinger-Z torso out front greeting attendees!

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