New CEREAL KILLER Figures by Ron English seen at #NewYorkToyFair 2017

Seen on display at New York Toy Fair 2017 last weekend was a new series of smaller sized / mini versions of Ron English’s Cereal Killers, with this (presumably) 3 to 4-inch tall vinyls produced by MINDstyle (?) and on show at the Toy Tokyo booth.

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Making up the “Last Supper” in Mr English’s array of cereal-mascot parodies (I want that “Diabetes” tee on the bear :p), they look to be individually boxed (and not "blind-boxed"?). No further news of the figures’ release, but I'll definitely update as soon as I know!

I've LOOOONG wanted Ron English Cereal Kiiler-vinyls in the past - the larger sized ones - but alas falls outside of my financial ability, but perhaps I might get a crack at a figure or two in this size-range (and hopefully more economically viable range). Schweet stuff to look forward to!

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