TOYSREVIL’s DEBOX (2.2.2017 Edition)

And while the box’s exact contents eluded my memory (before I "debuted" it for this video), the box itself - and the “purpose” of the box - I remembered well! I had brought this exact same box with me to when I had a flea market table in 2010 (!!! “pre-Stroke” too!), with the intention to SELL the contents! Not so ironic was that the items remained in said-box (sorta), until NOW.

Folks interested to score any of the items listed FOR SALE HERE on Facebook are to drop me a DM on FB, and we’ll sort something out :)

What is ironic though, are that somethings I had aimed to sell over 6 years ago, I have now decided to keep - call it “change of toy-tastes” or “ever the hoarder mentality”, I wouldn’t argue with you either way LOL


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