HER MARGESTY by PENNY x Bottleneck Gallery Releases March 9th

This is a small slice of brill and I’ve wondered why no one’s thought of it before! Or maybe they did but did not want to be incarcerated? Witness HER MARGESTY by PENNY!
"If you’re not familiar with Penny, he’s a scalpel-wielding sorcerer supreme known for creating insanely intricate, multi-layer stencils on various countries’ currency. However, with this release Penny went bigger. Way bigger. Penny’s newest print, Her Margesty, is a brilliantly fun conflation of pop culture icon, Marge Simpson, and real life icon, Queen Elizabeth! The prints are in hand and they're impressively stunning in person."

Four edition x sized 19.5 x 27.5 inches screen prints to be had, with the “variant” editions on GREEN, PINK and BLUE - all of whom are signed&numbered editions of 125 each colorway, priced at US$225 per. The “Main Edition” (grey background) is a S/N edition of 125 @ US$165 each.

On sale via on Thursday March 9th @ 12pm EST.

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