The Coming of “[Ghost of Kurosawa] 43 Locust Division” from QUICCS x FLABSLAB

I’ve never had the opportunity to see this up-close (with the closest being through the display panel at STGCC back in 2015) nor held this in-hand, but the GHOST OF KUROSAWA pre-painted resin bust from QUICCS and FLABSLAB looks quite the utter-awesome, IMHO … and now there’s a new colorways coming our way, and it is apocalyptically-epic, I say!

The decayed hue of green and rust of the [Ghost of Kurosawa] 43 Locust Division edition gives it another level of depth in the piece aesthetics, compared to the earlier “clean” palette, IMO! And of course Quiccs’ illustration gives it THAT extra OOMPH to the desire, innit? Needs to be a poster print, along with being a (possibly) box illustration, methinks!

Folks are to stay connected to Instagrams @quiccs and @flabslab for release details and updates!

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