The Coming of Super7 x Toxic Avenger

Super7 teases the coming of the first super-hero from New Jersey; “THE TOXIC AVENGER” with the above sole image … but folks at the recent New York Toy Fair 2017 got to see TWO colorways of the articulated action figures at the trade-only show! Coming in blister carded, these posable figures are sized like ReAction figures in 3 3/4-inch, and feature a simpler, slimmer sculpt, compared to the “usual” buffed-up incarnations we’ve seen thru the years from this 80s’ classic film!

"Tromaville has a monstrous new hero. The Toxic Avenger is born when meek mop boy Melvin falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose." (The Toxic Avenger / 1984)

BONUS TRAILER (Becoa that’s how TOYSREVIL-rolls lol):

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