X-Men’s “Cyclops”-inspired 1/6 scale SPECIAL OPS. CYKE by Cheungkinmen


From Costa Rica-based artist “Cheungkinmen” comes “1/6 Special Ops.: Cyke” - his interpretation of the X-Men’s “Scott summers” AKA “CYCLOPS” - to which he describes as;
"This is a personal redesign of the character, combining a few military elements with superhero designs. Cyke is the first of many redesigns I will be making."
Limited to 25 sets and will be sold at (Price unrevealed at time of post) - where you’ll be able to see MORE images of this amazing custom too!

As well I have a few select WIP/work-in-progress-snaps featured HERE on #XMENonFILM :)

1:6 scale Special Ops. Cyke by Cheungkinmen

JOhnny also sculpts for (makers of Jiangshi: Putrefaction and Mininas: LUCY), and you’d do well to stake out his and for see more of his work!

SPECIAL OPS. CYKE by Cheungkinmen WIPs

(Cheers for the headsup, JOhnny)

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