ZOMBIE SQUAD - HOZO : A 1/6 Custom by Alympu for #UrbanToyStage

Fadlin Ichwan AKA Alympu shares with us snaps of his latest 1/6th-scaled custom named “HOZO” of his “Zombie Squad” line of collectibles - for which I’ve made into a video clip (featured above), and as well stills since uploaded HERE on Facebook!

This 12-inch tall figure is made with scratch-built parts, and is hand-painted in the uber-distressed + apocalyptical-rust + depth of textures that which are the hallmarks of Alympu’s style!

HOZO and his fellow warriors from the “East Squad” will be available at @urbantoystage (4-5th March) at Kuninga City Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia. Meanwhile, stay connected to Alin at the following www-venues;

"I'm HOZO - In this world, the war is still far from over.. And I am walking on my path and believe that one day this world will heal and people can rise up again to live on the ground, like me a long time ago.. even now I cannot really remember it.. now all I know is to fight! With my spear and claw, with other warriors from EAST SQUAD, we will Win!!" (Edited text by Alympu)

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