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Old Beetaronomy Plush by Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson for #SDCC 2014

The previously teased plush by Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson is now reveled to be the "Old Beetaronomy"! In an edition of 5 = only 3 available at SDCC. Look for them at booth #5139 at this week's San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27).
"(Made with) various textiles, hand dyed, with signature embroidery, wood. Stands on his own with the help of his trusty cane. posable limbs and leaves. Approx 19" tall $300 - comes with a garden surprise."


Voodoo Edition Deadbeets by Leecifer x Scott Tolleson for #SDCC 2014

"Voodoo Deadbeet" collaboration between the Deadbeets of Scott Tolleson with the pantry skills of Leecifer will be available at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (July 24-27) Booth #5139. Limited to only 4 pieces x 7" tall = AWESOMENESS!

Will update with more pics and prices if ever they are available!

Source: IG @leecifer1


Custom-Feature: Deadbeet by Daniel Yu

Local artist Daniel Yu puts his sculpting skills on a Deadbeet (from Scott Tolleson) - for a commissioned customs - and provides a scarf-mask to fend against the pesky bugs! … or are the bugs "friends" of the undead Deadbeet itself? Swell work, nevertheless!

Do check out more of Daniel's work on and @thedanielyu Instagram.


Deadbeets & Androids: A Special Christmas Release from Scott Tolleson

Scott Tolleson is gearing up for a swell Christmas, and he shares two upcoming goodies dropping this Friday at 10 AM PST via - starting with the above-featured “Naughty and Nice” Deadbeet Christmas set. featuring 2 mixed part Deadbeet vinyl toys, and with an edition size of 10 pieces, they will retail for US$80 for 2 per set (plus shipping), Scott adds: " This is a must have for that special Beetmas Fan in your life."

Next drop to look forward to is the release of the Artist’s Proofs of his 2X2 Android. "This burger bundle comes with an exclusive 5X5 mini print and a paper burger holder. All of which are individually numbered. This set will retail for $50 plus shipping. The edition size of this bundle is 20." -tempts Scott!


Scott Tolleson for #DesignerCon #DCON

Since their debut at his Misrememberance show, Scott Tolleson will be unleashing two colorways of TRAYJUS at the coming weekend's DesignerCon 2013 (Nov 9-10) - with 10pcs of each color, available via booth 233 (no price determined). Also his STUFFED IDOLS will be unleashed as well, with neither quantities or priced revealed at this time.


Scott's DEADBEET gets the plush treatment, courtesy of Lana Crooks, with this 18-inch tall cuddly limited to an edition of 5 and priced at US$200 each, and available at Booth #233 this Nov 9-10 @ DesignerCon 2013! More pics of "Deadbeet (Fresh Edition)" via (Info via).


Oct 2 #NYCC 2013 #NYCCwatch #onTOYSREVIL

From Peter Kelk aka "Seymour" coms a collection of critters titled ‘SQUATTERS’, to debut at NYCC. Consisting of 18 different one off hand sculpted and painted characters, each sculpt stands roughly 6” and all come with their own 7” glass display dome and base.

This collection will be shown as part of the Strychnin Gallery booth no. 1780 and pieces can be reserved by contacting

TRICK OR TREAT BABY DEADBEET for NYCC is painted by Adam Pratt aka Small Angry Monster, and available at the Big Kev's Geek Stuff booth Z16-Z17, each priced at $20, with only 5 pieces to be had. Each figure comes bagged with a custom header card and a "little treat" to go along with the figure.

Toby Dutkiewicz's ALAVAKA custom painted by Splurrt, and will be made available at the Lulubell booth from Friday. neither quantities nor price revealed.


Custom-Feature: "Steelbeets" Baby Deadbeet Series by SoKo Cat

From SoKo Cat comes her latest custom series, and the first of many "heavy metal" releases scheduled: "STEELBEETS"! Limited to only 5 pieces and currently available here for US$25 each, these 1.5 inch tall figurines are hand painted using acrylic paint, and come hand signed and numbered by SoKo Cat.

(Blog / Instagram)


Custom-Feature: Frankenbeet by Adam Pratt

Adam Pratt aka small angry monster announces the release of his custom 7 inch Deadbeet, Frankenbeet - available now to purchase at US$180.
"He has been customized with dripping pipes, a steampunk feel and a mouth that hangs agape. This guy has been brought back from the dead to horrify your other toys! Painted with just the right touch of weathering and sharp highlights, Frankenbeet really pops on the shelf. I hope you guys enjoy him as much as I did customizing him. " -added Adam.


Scott Tolleson's Deadbeet in SG

A care package courtesy of Mr Scott Tolleson has me quivering in anticipation, when I picked it up at the post office late last week, with the exciting contents including a Bunny Qee (to add to my humble Tolleson-collection), a print collabo with Leecifer (love it when my prints come signed muahahaha), other assorted yummy, AND a splendid WHITE DEADBEET - and my very first large sized Deadbeets too!

Sculpted by George Gaspar, I have since found out from Scott himself that this particular edition is currently not purchasableat least not at his time …

Keep crossing your fingers, Deadbeet-lovers and collectors, and stay tuned to and @mrscotttolleson on both Twitter and Instagram!

Not Your Usual Suspects:


Scott Tolleson & Deadbeets for #SDCC2013 San Diego Comic Con


Deadbeet will be in full force for San Diego Comic Con (July 17-21, 2013) with 3 releases - and will all be at Scott Tolleson's booth #5139 starting preview night. Each release is first come, first serve. Each beet comes bagged with a header card. Here's a run down of what to expect:


FROZEN MEATY BEET is an unpainted light blue/red marble ("My personal fav unpainted so far" says Scott). In an edition of 30 pieces, they will retail for US$70 per.

CANDY APPLE: "Ho. Ly. Shiz. Leecifer painted an edition of 10 of these bad boys for this SDCC release. He absolutely killed the paint job on these clears. They are amazing! I’ll be selling these for $150 each. Lee will make an appearance to do a signing at my booth on Friday from 1-2 PM. Word on the street is he’ll have something to give out to commemorate this collaboration!" ~exclaims Scott.

FAKER BEET is a micro-run of only 5 pieces, featuring hand-custom / painted by Nebulon5, featuring sprays on a Tiffany Blue vinyl. Price is US$120 each.

Maaaan, it would be so uber-cool if all his Deadbeets could be displayed in a produce-tray like the Vegetables' section in the supermarkets LOL


Darkmatter Deadbeets by FLABSLAB (June 20 sale)


Ready to be harvested 11am, this Thursday (Singapore time) at is The Darkmatter Edition of Scott Tolleson's DeadBeet, priced at US$70 and in an edition of 30 pieces, featuring glitter on a dark smoked tinted base. There had better be a poster print of the ad that comes with the purchase tho, because it is galactically-cool! LOL


Previews for "The Deadbeet Show" @ Toy Art Gallery (June 29)

One of the things I love about Toy Art Gallery, is the seemingly unrelentless cascade of art toy shows it holds! And with the constant posting of their shows on my blog, I really hope to physically pop by one day and witness a show, instead of just posting about it LOL


We have their next show in the spotlight today, with "The Deadbeet Show" opening June 29th, with the base toy of choice being Scott Tolleson's DEADBEET (as sculpted by George Gaspar of October Toys). And while the "official" event press has yet to come, here's a look at a few completed customs and work-in-progress!

The top image is "Julienned" by Carson Catlin (hilarious and apt name, btw), while shown directly below is a work-in-progress from 16 year-old wunderkind PJ Constable, with the worms meant to be suck into the main-Beet:


Directly above sees Chauskoskis adding some height to Deadbeet, while below sees Leecifer's "Old Growth Greater Horned Beet" mind it's own business in the soil next to DrilOne's "Rotten Deadbeet"! Maaaan, it's gonna be a good harvest, come June 29th! LOL



Another Look at Tycoon Deadbeets by Scott Tolleson for Comicpalooza Release

Here's a fun video-peek at Scott Tolleson's new TYCOON DEADBEET to be released at Comicpalooza in Texas (May 24-26). As blogged earlier, this clear-vinyl-with-black mini-deadbeet-"innards" edition is limited to only 10 pieces and priced at US$75 each! Look for Scott at booth #2223 and harvest yourselves some Deadbeets! LOL


Comic Palooza Exclusive Tycoon Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson


Available at the coming weekend's Comic Palooza in Texas (May 24-26), is Scott Tolleson's TYCOON DEADBEAT - in a limited edition of only 10 pieces, each priced at US$75. This is the first time the CLEAR vinyl Deadbeets are made available AS-IS, with an addition black-colored mini Deadbeet inside of it!

Look for Scott at booth #2223 (Right next to Sucklord!). Oh man, gonna be awesome times! Tell him TOYSREVIL sent ya!

943623_10201493137993753_54639650_n 78d0baacc28a11e2b1c522000a9f18eb_7


Custom-Feature: "Neon Golden" Deadbeet by RAMPAGE TOYS to launch at Design Fiesta (May 18)

"Neon Golden" Deadbeet!

From RAMPAGE TOYS comes these custom hand-paints by Jon Malmstedt named "Neon Golden" Deadbeet (Deadbeet originally designed by Scott Tolleson) - featuring neon and metallics on clear vinyl, and ready to be unleashed at Design Festa on May 18th, then subsequently online at 6am EST via There are only 10 pieces of this dude, so don't be hesitating, folks!

I don't have a #beetgarden - but I'm selling a #beetharvest at Design Festa!  @mrscotttolleson


Custom "Fresh Deadbeets" by Mark Nagata x FLABSLAB


FLABSLAB will be releasing these hand-painted Deadbeets by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co. now intensely eye-popping with Monster Kolors on clear Deadbeets designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar (of October Toys). No product availability details as yet, nor drop-date/time, so you'd do well to email for dibs+details.

"AncntGrdn Beetnics" Custom Deadbeets by Scott Tolleson (for "Strange Symbiosis @ GR2)


Sneak peak for Scott Tolleson's "AncntGrdn Beetnics" Deadbeets releasing at the coming Strange Symbiosis 4-man show at Giant Robot 2. In an edition of only 15 pieces, currently no price revealed. Here's an addition image insert, as seen in the event poster on my previous show post!


Scott Tolleson's Baby Deadbeets by October Toys in SG


Besides the crystal-clear bubble-free aesthetic of these Diamond Baby Deadbeets (designed by Scott Tolleson, available to purchase via, what I really enjoy about these 1-inch tall critters, is that they could stand on their own two tiny-feets, and that was surprisingly important to me. Thanks for the extra flesh-colored ones, October Toys!



Scott Tolleson's Deadbeet - PastHell Edition by Nebulon5 (April 19-sale)

537168_10201220436576388_1638595921_n 66762_10201220473937322_37199495_n

The Deadbeet-Wagon rolls forth with the next custom-slice of coolness launching next Friday April 19th at 10 AM PST via with Scott Tolleson's Deadbeets painted by Nebulon5 named "PASTHELL". Limited to 10 pieces and priced at US$120 per - each PastHell comes with a blind painted minibeet also painted by Nebulon5.


Diamond & Bling Baby Deadbeets On Sale Now


Currently listed for sales via October Toys are CLEAR DIAMOND & GOLD BLING Baby Deadbeets! Designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar, these wee figurines stand 1.5" tall and are priced at US$2 each! A number of colorways has been released before this, but the clear PVC caught my eye (and yes, I went and bought some muahahahaha). Baby Deadbeet ships loose (no packaging) - click on above links to purchase your own!
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