submission suggestions: feed me!


And while i have no delusions that i'll have much "exclusives" on this little blog of mine (except for the graces of kind souls), here are some little suggestions to mayhap help in your info-submissions and to help me understand clearer as well:

What to send about new toy (or event) info: (click on image below to email me)
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01. Official NAME of Toy and/or Event.

02. Who is the porusct Designed by / Manufactured / Event Organized by WHOM.
(inclusive relavant URL links, thanks)

03. Toy / Product IMAGES - both "clean" (ie: without graphics/logos) and/or promotion images, if ever possible. (failing which, whatever toy images would be great :p)

04. i sincerely would rather not photoshop your image, but if it is unclear and ambigious, then it does you (and your toy) no service. most times i'd brighten them a tad, as I want folks to be able to see them! (unless you tell me otherwise, of coz :p)

05. Release Dates, Scheduled or Tentative.
(Pointless just giving me "Teasers" but do not update me afters).

06. where can folks get it / purchase it, both online and/or physical shop?

07. HOW MUCH does the product cost? (sans shipping, or otherwise - please indicate).

08. Are there any Variants? And When can folks expect them?

09. And if there's a back story to the toy, that'll would be great.

10. Credit/s will definitely be given accordingly (unless you wanna be kept anonymous :p)

Also please note that i might reformat your images to better suit my humble blog-layout, but in no way will i alter your original toy image (ie: change colors of toy et al). Email me now at! :)

thanks and cheers! *share to show you care* :)))