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The Tarantulas for SDCC 2011

Upcoming Mini-Qees from Toy2R

WWR Grunt + MK2 Square by 3A Toys for In-Resident Sales at Bambalandstore Next

"Circuit Death" Limited Edition T-Shirt Set from AW177

Custom-Feature: War Machine PAWS from Trex Wang

And The Winner of Best Use of Color in the Designing GupGups Contest Is...

Circus Posterus & Stranger Factory present SWEET & SORROW - new works by Kathie Olivas

Visual Update for Perry The Sea Wanderer by Thunderpanda x Plastic Culture

3DRetro SDCC Release: Bunny Ride Go by Brandi Milne

Designing GupGups Feature with designs by Lupilu Soler

WWR Brillo Square by ThreeA Toys for SDCC (Toy Tokyo Booth #5437)

Giant Robot Presents: Kaiju Bossy Bear Launch & Artist Signing @ GR2 (July 9)

Marvel Mini Muggs The Avengers Special Edition Collector's Pack for SDCC 2011

New Japanese Vinyl Project by D-LuX on Kickstarter

The Reveal of BEARTANK by Smash Tokyo Toys X Toy2R

Project Squadt Release: GASSED S004 [FROZN WHOLE] by Ferg (July 5-release)

Custom-Feature: Iron Slave Transport by Rohby

Toy Break 173 : Monkey Tail

3rd Trailer for Cowboys and Aliens

The New Dark Knight Armory 2.0 and the Batcave 2.0 Set from GeeWhiz